Grand Cayon Escalade Project - Detailed Grand Canyon River Guide Map by Westwater Books


Links to the Grand Canyon Escalade Project

GRAND CANYON TRUST – Stopping Grand Canyon Escalade
GRAND CANYON TRUST – Keep the Canyon Grand
GRAND CANYON TRUST – Kevin Fedarko / My Take on Public Lands
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Kevin Fedarko / Are We Losing the Grand Canyon?
AMERICAN RIVERS – Grand Canyon Escalade – How could this happen? (8/31/16)
AMERICAN RIVERS – Five Updates on Efforts to Protect the Grand Canyon (12/12/16)
RIVER RUNNERS FOR WILDERNESS – Tramway to Bottom of Grand Canyon
DEVELOPERS WEBSITE – Confluence Partners LLC

News Articles about the Grand Canyon Escalade Project

SAVE THE CONFLUENCE – Escalade Opponents Thank Supporters (10/13/17)
SAVE THE CONFLUENCE – Escalade may skip Navajo’s Fall Session (10/5/17)
NEW YORK TIMES – A Cathedral Under Siege, Kevin Fedarko
NBC NIGHTLY NEWS – Grand Canyon Development Plan Sparks Dispute Among Navajo
NEW YORK TIMES – Where 2 Rivers Meet, Visions for Grand Canyon
LA TIMES & CHICAGO TRIBUNE – National Park Service calls development plans a threat to Grand Canyon
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Grand Canyon on the Precipice
NPR (NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO) – Summary of broadcast / Grand Canyon Trust

Blogs about the Escalade Project

O.A.R.S. – 5 Reasons We Need to Fight for the Grand Canyon…Again
William Rivers Pitt | The Wreckers’ Grand Canyon Intentions 2/21/15

Videos by Save the Confluence

Video 1 – 2012 – Save the Confluence – Eric Temple
Video 2 – 2014 – The Confluence – Kent Wagner
Video 3 – 2014 – Help protect this sacred site. Stop the Desecration.

Links to Development Plans

Riverwalk Tram Perspective
Riverwalk Photo
Conceptual Riverwalk and Restaurant Plan
Master Land Use Plan – Upper Mesa & Canyon Floor (Gilmore Parsons)
Master Land Use Plan – Rim (Gilmore Parsons)
Detailed Rim Plan – West Side Master Plan (Gilmore Parsons)


Latest Flyer from Save the Confluence – “Escalade’s Empty Promise” – 12/17/14

Petitions and Letters to Congress

Grand Canyon Trust – Keep the Grand Canyon Grand: Voice Your Opposition to Destructive Developments
American Rivers – Protect the Grand Canyon For All Americans – Stop plans to develop the Grand Canyon
League of Conservation Voters – Save the Grand Canyon From Development (Letter to Congress)

Special thanks to Lynn Hamilton at the Grand Canyon River Guides association for keeping all of usup-to-date on the latest
information on the Grand Canyon Escalade project.