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Grand Canyon River Guide

Belknap’s Waterproof Grand Canyon River Guide All New Expanded, Read-as-you-Run Edition

2017 Update of Belknap’s Waterproof Grand Canyon River Guide. New edition features 8 additional pages: Now includes Glen Canyon Dam to Lake Mead; New Read-as-you-Run Format; Photo Geology Labeling now from Lees Ferry to Mead. This mile-by-mile color Waterproof Guide to the Colorado River through Grand Canyon features shaded relief/topographic maps, and special sections on history, archaeology, geology, natural history and photography. Updated yearly with campsites and new USGS Mileage Points: Geology section features step-by-step easy to understand description of how the Canyon was formed as well as color photos from river level with formations clearly labeled for easy identification.

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Buzz Belknap & Loie Belknap Evans

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Desolation River Guide

Loie Belknap Evans & Buzz Belknap
Utah’s Green River Wilderness: Split Mountain to the town of Green River, through Desolation & Gray canyons, 200 miles. All New 2013 Expanded Edition—32 pages added. Included are special planning pages with boating, logistics, and hiking information; detailed archaeology sections on Nine Mile Canyon and Range Creek; Living Landscapes—birds, animals, reptiles, fish and more;  Illustrated Geology and some great new maps. 96 pages.

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Canyonlands River Guide

All New Edition Now Available!
Bill & Buzz Belknap/Loie Belknap Evans

The Green: Green River, Utah, to The Confluence, through Labyrinth & Stillwater canyons, 120 miles. The Colorado: Loma, Colorado, to Lees Ferry, Arizona, through Horsethief, Ruby, Westwater, Cataract, and Glen canyons, 372 miles. Satellite view and a map of Lake Powell. Detailed illustrated geologic section by geologist R.J. Johnson. Mile-by-mile geologic and historic notes. 80 pages.

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Dinosaur River Guide

Loie Belknap Evans & Buzz Belknap

• Flaming Gorge • Red Canyon • Browns Park
•  Dinosaur National Monument ­— Green & Yampa Rivers

NOW . . . much more than just a River Guide!
Includes 32 new pages featuring: “Illustrated Geology” section describing the rock formations, how they were formed, and photo illustrations with labels depicting locations on river; “Living Landscape” section with photos and descriptions of Dinosaur’s eco-zones and a gallery featuring plants and animals found in each; “Discover Dinosaur” section featuring the newly refurbished Dinosaur Quarry and Visitor Center as well as new maps and descriptions of all the diverse visitor activities available. All river pages have been updated as well and feature many new photos and geology notes.

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